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A question for Collectors: Q: Is there a method to the madness. How to Identify you r Cabbage Patch Kid These are some basics for beginners to look for when adopting.

After collecting for 10 years I can tell what factory a kid is from without looking at the tags.

IC and UT factory kids have small, firm bodies, beautiful porcelain like complexions, big eyes, and good blushing.

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There are many places to find info, and I don t want to just copy from other sites, so the info on this page is only what I know.

Please visit the helpful links on the links page if what you are looking for is not here.

KT factory kids are tiny, small well formed hands and smaller eyes sometimes. On the 4 KTs they have one arched eyebrow, it is so cute. Bean Butt Babies were from the WS and SSfactory and are prone to pox as well.

OK kids are big and firm with big hands and chubby feet and legs. Foreign Factory Information Coleco kids were mainly sold in the United States and Canada, so the Cabbage Patch Kids sold in other countries are considered foreign to US collectors.

You should get to know foreign CPK qualities, and be able to identify them by sight if you like them.