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While Ferrell and Stewart began discussing Riggle's "lack of talent" and making other disparaging remarks about him, Riggle suddenly walked onto the set to surprise them and asks if they were talking about him.Riggle's intimidating presence appears to make Ferrell and Stewart visibly afraid, continuing the running-joke that Stewart is very afraid of Riggle.Riggle played the father of one of the child contestants during the "Breakfast in Bed" challenge in which a child must eat the maggots off a plate of Eggs Benedict or his parents will divorce.

He has portrayed Larry the Cable Guy, Howard Dean, Rick Sanchez, Mark Mc Gwire, and Toby Keith, and had a one-shot character named Leviticus, a loud, violent street preacher who only appeared on a Weekend Update segment on the Christmas episode hosted by Robert De Niro (another sketch featuring Leviticus was scheduled to air on the episode hosted by Hilary Swank, but that sketch was cut after dress rehearsal).

Prior to being hired as a cast member, Riggle also appeared in a non-speaking role in the previous season (season 29) in a pre-taped parody of Fear Factor.

Riggle credits John Oliver for first encouraging him to try stand-up while they shared an office together at The Daily Show.

Riggle hosted an episode of Comedy Central's stand-up series Live at Gotham on December 4, 2009.

(born April 21, 1970) is an American actor, comedian, and retired United States Marine Corps Reserve officer.