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'Or had the producers only hired another actor to play the role and not used my features on the other actor there would not have been a lawsuit.

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'It was always a little bit of a struggle for them to raise the tuition to get me into that school every year,' he says.

The combination of this protective educational establishment, which he attended between the ages of six and 14, and being an only child, he continues, 'made me comfortable with being alone'. 'I didn't grow up feeling like an outsider,' he insists. ' And his education only encouraged an already-precocious nature.

A staircase juts out from below a picture doorway halfway up the wall but stops dead in mid-air after a few steps, leaving the iron railing to spiral off like the twisted sinews of a tree branch.

The most startling feature of all is a large, unframed canvas, pinned prominently to one wall, of a smouldering volcano in front of a murky lake.

'And it does seem as if more interesting roles are coming to me now.''He's very particular as an actor but also has a real naive quality to him,' says Trent Harris, who directed Glover in two of his archetypal roles, a 1985 short called The Orkly Kid and the 1991 cult movie Rubin & Ed.