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It was Goiter, too far out, not benefiting from the blind man’s mass and cover. The younger twin didn’t even react to the death, her eyes fixed on Jamie, her body jerking left and right, forward and back.

Every adjustment was to throw him off as he changed where his rifle pointed.

“This way, and whatever you do, don’t push each other! Smaller than my fist, it was still packed with coins. Each time they fired their rifles, I could place their locations.

” We were retreating, there was no stopping that from happening, and we were very likely retreating right into the soldiers that had been left in our way, a defensive perimeter of Mauer’s men. Striding or forward, with all of the tense muscles and barely restrained power of a pair of jungle cats, they fired relentlessly, reloaded with practiced motions, and then fired again.

The twin had come down like a nail driven by a hammer.