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This person is in charge of the production and directs the broadcast.

Step 3: Producing the graphics There are multiple ways to create weather graphics for your production.

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Layers 8 - 14 are titled "EDIT_friday" - "EDIT_Saturday".

These compositions contain the temperature text data. Now, return to the main composition "RENDER_7 DAY FORECAST".

Also, if you need more than one of an icon (let's say you have 2 days of sunny forecast), you can duplicate an icon by selecting it on the timeline and pressing ctrl d or by selecting the icon and going to EDIT-Duplicate on your top menu.

Re-arrange the icons on the 7 day forecast and duplicate icons as needed.

- Camera Operator: Operates the camera during the production - Motion Graphics Designer: Compiles the information from the researcher and script writer and creates weather forecast graphics with the data provided - Tele-prompter Operator: (optional) Operates the teleprompter which displays the script for the meteorologist to read on the air.