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However, the best part of the video is when his three nephews arrived to his house and Mark surprised them with the liquid sand hot tub.Sitting hidden inside the hot tub, Mark popped out from under a giant plant pot as the boys peered into the hot tub, not knowing how to react to the sand seemingly turning to liquid as the air was pumped in.To protect our users from viewing adult-oriented material without their consent, longhairdivas, requires you to read and certify the following statements. I agree that by entering this web site, I am subjecting myself and any business entity of which I have any legal or equitable interest to the personal jurisdiction of the State of California should any dispute arise at any time between longhairdivas, and myself and any such business entity.

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One of the girls said she didn't say anything as her hair was being shaved because she was scared that her mother would cut her.

The shaving alone amounted to physical and emotional abuse, according to the affidavit. Zapata was also accused of biting and hitting the girls, and shoving one of their faces into the ice cream, as well as pushing her into a wall.

In the video, he then showed how he and his friends constructed the hot tub using copper pipes and a pressurized air canister.

And the result is oddly mesmerizing to watch as those in the liquid sand seem to float and splash around like they would in water.

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