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I mean, check out this cat’s act on last night’s show. They may have been decent, but let’s fact it, they weren’t exactly feeling Paula’s shameless advances toward them after each song: Anwar Robinson….

Definitely a captain in the AI scribble nation, hence this online dating profile where he asks for his ahem “man” to be slender, athletic and awww hell, I can take it. Gedeon (note the spelling) Mc Kinney And no, that ain’t the people’s eyebrow…It’s some combo of mascara, gel and some of that holy healing Ted Haggard used to put on a few sinners he got hold of.

But then again, he has no one to blame for that but himself.

Floyd mayweather dating keyshia cole

Kardashian head honcho Kris Jenner’s attempt to brand herself further by successfully enter the wonderful world of talk show queens last year didn’t go too well, but she has still managed to somehow keep herself in the middle of the media frenzy surrounding her daughters.

Momager Kris recently stopped by Shade 45’s “Sway In The Morning” show and she opened up to Sway about witnessing the crazy side of Kanye, rumors that she told Khloe she needed a nose job as a child and more.

On whether or not she’s witnessed Kanye’s crazy side: Well you know, he is an artist and he is a performer and he actually just finished the US tour.

And I went to a lot of concerts…andnd I saw him working and creating and performing and doing his thing.

The “real competition” doesn’t get interesting until 8 weeks left which it probably sometime in mid-April.