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It will become very apparent which foods are a no go and unfortunately this will include bread.You Will Lose Weight There are plenty of sacrifices you have to make when you commit to having a brace and gooey high-calorie foods are just one of them.

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Another instance is if you want to pull in a custom variable, such as each individual user’s first name.

The idea of getting braces as an adult may well fill you with horror.

Bread Is Not Your Friend When you first get braces put on, you will no longer be able to eat food with the wild abandon that you once did.

Common sense will ensure you steer clear of sticky foods such as toffee, chewing gum and sweets but some of the foods that are off limits may surprise you.

Your Dentist Is Your New Best Friend If you are thinking about adult braces, be prepared to spend more time with your dentist that with your closest friends.