Random one on one websex

Both John and Andre are concerned about whether Mark will indeed go through with detox, although the ordinarily bubbly Andre is especially pessimistic.

As of May 24, 2007, there was no planned DVD release of the show itself, however, a feature film adaptation featuring Mark and Normand is touring the festival circuit, having premiered at South By Southwest.

It combines footage from episodes 4 and 10, along with behind-the-scenes footage of the show, and new footage of Mark and Normand's post-Random 1 experiences. In Baltimore, John and Andre meet Bruce, a homeless, one-legged former construction worker, who is struggling to keep his life together, begging for change while hobbling around on a very outdated prosthetic limb.

Capella Fahoome, Jim Lefter, and Molly Schrek, once a subject has been decided on, go to their laptops and cell phones, searching for local businesses or individuals willing to help.

Typically, the "street team" and the "RV team" do not interact except over the phone, although this policy, too, has had its exceptions.

All three of these rules were eventually broken in the course of the season, however).