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It is as though I should assert the existence of cats and try to prove it by pointing to giraffes, stars, mountain ranges, and books: they are all cats, I would say, and therefore cats exist.The pantheists point to giraffes, stars, and so on, and say, therefore God exists.

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But this sort of argument has no more application to God than to cats – the small domestic animals that cry meow.

Those who deny God, atheists, and those who say God is everything, pantheists, are asserting that nothing beyond the physical world is real.

Suppose we can get a microscope and examine the internal phloem of the (L.). Well, the study of botany is still longer; and it is not immediately clear what we can find out about God in tomatoes. If you look at them very carefully, you will see that the squares of their periodic times are proportional to the mean distances from the sun. Such was essentially what the ancient Greek philosophical school of the Pythagoreans said.

They believed that a happy life after death was the reward for studying arithmetic and geometry.

Table of Contents Introduction See these links for others chapters: Chapter 1 – The Scriptures Chapter 2 – God Chapter 4 – Creation Chapter 7 – Salvation Chapter 9 – Eschatology *Note: chapters 3, 5, 6, and 8 have previously been published as stand-alone volumes.* Theology is sometimes held in contempt. But before anyone can properly adjudge it as good or evil, he must know what the word theology means..