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Organically meeting someone at a party or the like is simply super rare in the kingdom of gay. Say it's stereotypical, but there are a few things almost every gay dude watches. Other queer-centric shows like American Horror Story and (much to my chagrin) Sex and the City are examples.As such, the two of you are going to have a mildly-to-very awkward hello. Usually you can find some prerequisite "gay" show (quotes because I think the idea of a gay show is actually ridiculous) to dish about.

He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone.

No one likes to get stood up, and for whatever reason, gay guys think it's totally cool to just flake out on a date. You'll probably send out/receive a few of these, one a few hours before the set time and another minutes before.

This is especially important when a guy replies "yeah sure" and "why not" to you proposing a date in the first place. Now that you're both sitting down and are waiting on your beverages, the date really begins.

One of you will arrive to the date spot earlier, it's just how the world works. The only question is: what the hell are you going to talk about?

A person with positive personality traits is much more attractive to the opposite sex than the same person without those traits, a 2014 study found.