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I did my first interrogation the other day for an investigation - alleged offender refused to talk to the police and I actually got a confession. So again tell whoever thanks for getting that training here! Kimberly Caylor Winchester Department of Social Services "Approx.

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I learned to "think outside of the box", so to speak.

Investigating child abuse is much more different that investigating a B&E.

I learned to listen to every word that a suspect is telling you; a suspect will tell you why he did what he did if you ask the right questions and those questions were presented and taught at this conference.

Since attending the conference, my confession rate has dramatically increased.

I used to dread these investigations, particularly the sexual harassment variety, but now I must admit I sort of look forward to getting into and letting your technique work its magic! Deb Sloat Director of Human Resources South Dakota School of Mines & Technology The following is a comment from an individual who attended our seminar The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing for Child Abuse Cases sponsored by the Virginia Department of Children and Family Services: Thanks!