Sex cam no charges Sex cam no charges

"The focus of this project was very localized and was meant to have an impact on the street-level sex trade," said Sgt. Sex workers under 18 are removed from the streets and taken to places of safety, officers said.

"When we used to roll up on these girls in our cars they would scatter," said Mackid.

However, in challenging what author and law professor Susan Estrich has called “the myth of the lying woman,” feminists have been creating their own counter-myth: that of the woman who never lies.

More than a quarter-century ago, feminist legal theorist Catharine Mac Kinnon wrote that “feminism is built on believing women’s accounts of sexual use and abuse by men”; today, Jessica Valenti urges us to “believe victims en masse,” because only then will we recognize the true prevalence of sexual assault.

They are being looked at, they are being eyed up." Tony Scott said he hopes police revise their new strategy and include a split focus that targets johns as well as drug dealers.