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As stated by the editors in their introduction, these chapters were assembled with the goal of providing technique-specific examples highlighting recent advances in the field of Ar geochronology offers much to the interested reader.

The book is organized into four sections: methodological developments, tectonics, volcanology, and planetary sciences.

These are all research topics that collectively underscore the fundamental utility of the Ar data are acquired, modeled, and/or interpreted.

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The section on methodological developments represents the core of the book’s new “advances” in Ar methods.

This section includes topical discussions on the uncertainties in quantifying K-decay, what does and does not qualify as a neutron flux monitor, the status of thermal histories modeled from laboratory degassing of argon in K-feldspar and white mica, new data on argon diffusion and solubility in plagioclase, effects of argon recoil and alteration, and details of a laser heating method.

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